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When we talk about "stewardship" in the Episcopal Church, we talk about how we order all parts of our lives - work, leisure. talents, time, and resources - so that we are offering ourselves and all we have back to God, so that God might work fully through us. We hear this term used most often around our call to contribute a portion of whatever "treasure" or financial gifts we might have. 

As part of our efforts as a community to support the ministry of St Peter's, we ask that everyone for whom St Peter's is an integral part of their life offers a portion of whatever they have back to God, for God's continued mission in this place. Many people make an annual "pledge" of a certain amount. this is most helpful, as it helps us to have a better sense of what the resources for our annual budget will look like. You are most welcome to bring your offering to church on a weekly or monthly basis, or mail it in; and for your convenience, we also invite you to consider using our online system for your donations.

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